ATSC Custom SEMI Show at Slamology 2017

For 2017 we are excited to announce the addition of the ATSC (American Truck Show Circuit) into the lineup for Slamology.  ATSC is a full blow Circuit of custom rigs competing in their own series for top honors.  Slamology guest and participants will be blown away by the custom work on these million dollar rigs.

The ATSC custom semi show rigs will be located starting at the front gate and go all the way to the car audio section of the event. If there is any overflow we will place the additional rigs into the circle track.

CLICK HERE to See 2017 Layout Map.

To learn more about the ATSC please visit
atsc custom semi show


About the Author: slamology

Slamology is a different kind of automotive event created for enthusiasts, spectators, media groups, custom automotive shops, distributors, and manufacturers alike.
We are creating a bond of all entities involved in the automotive industry, as well as giving the community a look into the heavily populated and ever growing sport of customizing vehicles.
We have a full weekend planned with plenty of entertainment for the auto and music enthusiast alike.

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