Motorcycle Sound Off

motorcycle sound off

Slamology 2021 will feature Bagger Beatz audio competition format for motorcycles.

In a Bagger Beatz competition, contestants compete against one another to see who has the loudest sound system. Each contestant’s score is comprised of two components: “Peak SPL” and “Broadband Peak Average”. The Broadband Peak Average component is new to motorcycle audio competition and will ensure that the contestant’s sound system is capable of playing music across the entire musical spectrum. The average of these two components represents the contestant’s overall score. The contestant with the highest overall score wins.

– Peak SPL (Sound Pressure Level) is used to determine how “loud” the stereo system can play.

– Broadband Peak Average is used to ensure the system is capable of reproducing the entire musical spectrum. BPA is calculated from 30 individual peak-hold SPL measurements that are centered on 1/3 octave frequencies.

Competition Classes include:

Bagger Beatz – Bike 1-2

Bagger Beatz – Bike 3-8

Bagger Beatz – Bike 9+

Bagger Beatz – Quad NL

Bagger Beatz – Power Wheels

Bagger Beatz sound off contest will take place all day SATURDAY in the dB Drag Racing Area on the East side of the venue. Get your motorcycle tuned up and come on out and compete!

For more info on DB Drag Racing at Slamology.  Click here.

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