RC Racing

RC Drag Racing

Do you have a RC Car?  Bring it to Slamology and compete in the drag racing or just come and have some fun.

For 2021 we have added money races to the slamology format.  After teaming up with several RC Drag Racing clubs we have decided that a money race in the industry is necessary!


Drag racers clubs Indy Outlaws RC Drag Racing Indy Outlaws from Indianapolis

Classes and rules

10th Scale Street Outlaws                               

1st Place = $150.00
2nd Place $75.00
3rd Place $25.00

  • Must be 1/10th scale platform
  • Run what you brung
  • No battery limit
  • 132 ft track

1/8th Scale GT Class                                        

1st Place = $75.00
2nd Place = $50.00
3rd Place = $25.00

  • Must be a 1/8th scale platform
  • Run what you brung
  • No battery limit
  • 165 ft track
  • No Belt Cars ( if enough belt cars show up we will have a class for them)

2 Wheel Drive Street Eliminator                  

1st Place = $60.00
2nd Place = $30.00
3rd Place = $10.00

  • Must be 10th scale platform
  • Must be 2 wheel drive
  • Rubber tire only (No Foam Tires)
  • The body must be over the tires
  • 2 cell battery limit


Entry Fees 

Racers will have to pay to get into the gate  $15 Weekend pass

  • Saturday
    $15.00 first entry
    $10.00 second entry
    $10.00 Buy back 1st round only
  • Sunday = Pot Luck Race will have the same rules as Saturday but will have a 100% pay out for all money taken in for each class. Payouts will be determined by entries.
  • Grudge Racing between rounds and after the race until show closing time

RC Car Show

Do you have a super cool RC Car and just want to show it off.  Bring it and be part of the R/C Car Show.   Free Entry for all Car show Participants.

Awards will be given to

  • Best of Show
  • Best 1/8th scale
  • Best 1/10 scale

R/C Experience Track

We will have a course set up and cars set up for anyone to drive.  This is a great experience for anyone that is looking to get into R/C Car Hobby.  Bring your kids! They will love this attraction at Slamology!