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Q.  I transfered my 2020 registration and cannot make the 2021 event. Can I get a refund?

A. Unfortunatly we do not offer refunds or transfers on Slamology pre-registration.

Q. Do you sell spectator tickets online?

A. No we do not sell spectator tickets online. You must purchase them at the event ticket booth.  $10 one day, $15 Two day.  You can get a free parking pass CLICK HERE

Q. Can I bring a cooler as a spectator?

A.  Yes, They must be no bigger than 14x14x14. No glass containers or alcohol will be allowed. Coolers and bags are subject to search.

Q.  What is Considered a Modified Vehicle.

A.  A vehicle must have modifications to be in the show. Show Vehicles must have modifications such as custom wheels, suspension, paint, etc.  The amount of modifications will justify your class either mild, wild or radical. Audio and Demo vehicles should have a competitive type not stock sound system.
** Basically you cannot bring your mom’s station wagon and cruise the show all weekend.  Slamology is a custom car show!**

Q. I want to change my vehicle I pre-registered.   Can I do that?

A. Yes you can change your vehicle but you must do it at the event. We cannot change it after you pre-register. Upon arrival at event after vehicle inspection and classing you will go to the line in the registration tent marked pre-registered with changes.  Be aware this is a long line and will take additional time for you to get through the process. 

Q.  Is there Trailer Parking?

A.  Yes we have a designated trailer parking lot.  You cannot leave your trailer in the show field.  If you vehicle is driveable you will unload it in the trailer lot and leave trailer and support vehicle in the lot.  If you vehicle does not run our staff will assist you with getting to a spot and then escort you to the truck and trailer lot.

Q.  Can I bring my golf cart?

A.   If you have a CUSTOM golf cart you must register your golf cart as a Show Vehicle and provide proof of insurance upon registraion.   We do not allow participants to register stock golf carts.  All golf carts must be treated as a motor vehicle and follow all posted driving lanes.  If you have questions please Contact Us!

 Q.  What happens if it rains? Is there a Rain Date?

A. NO Slamology is a rain or shine event.. In June Indiana normally does not get a full wash out.

Q. Are Pets Welcome At Slamology?

A.  NO.. We love our pets also but they have to stay at home.
Pets are not welcome at the event!! (this includes small dogs, cats, snakes, gold fish, etc!)

Q. How do I pre-register my vehicle for Slamology?

A. click here

Q. How much is registraion price?

A. $50 pre-reg $70 day of show click here for info page

Q. If I can not make it to the show is my money refundable?

A.  No there is not refunds on Pre-registration.

Q. How do I enter the bikini contest?

A. Just show up day of show and sign up at the main stage click here for info page

Q. How much are spectator tickets?

A. $10.00 one day $15.00 two day ticket

Q. What are the show hours?

Show Hours

Friday June 11, 2021
Registration and classing only open from 2;00 pm to 9:00 pm  ( EARLY CLUB SET UP) VENDOR SET UP !  Registration on Friday is the only way to get a Speed Pass for Saturday Morning.

Saturday June 12, 2021
Registration 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Judging open 9:00 am
Show Hours 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Spectator gate hours 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Sunday June 13, 2021
Registration 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (Noon)
Judging from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Spectator gate hours 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Awards Presentation 3:00 pm
Show ends promptly at 5:00 pm

Q. How do I get to the Lucas Oil Raceway?

A. click here for detailed map

Q How do I enter the Audio Contest? and how much does it cost.

A. Sign up at the Audio Area day of show There are several national organizations to choose from.
No additional charge for participation, your show entry fee covers all.

Q. How do I contact Truck Show.org?

A. 317-856-1810

A. Day of show? 317-258-5835

Q. How many passes do I receive at registration?

A. Vehicle Registration includes 2 weekend passes

Q. How much to purchase additional weekend passes with my registration?

A. Additional weekend passes are available for $10

Q. How much are Children tickets?

A. Children 10 and under are free.

Q. Are shade tents, coolers, and lawn chairs, etc. permitted?

A. Yes, we encourage you to bring the items you need to stay cool and comfortable. (NO GLASS BOTTLES)
Tents must be an easy up type tent NO LARGER than 10×20.




SPECTATOR COOLERS must be no bigger than 14x14x14. No glass containers or alcohol will be allowed. Coolers and bags are subject to search.

Q. Is there food available at Slamology

A. Yes there are several food stations.

Q. Are there same day gate pass outs.

A. Yes. You must get your hand stamped for re-entry.

Q. Is there any overnight camping?

A. Yes there is a campground across the road from Lucas Oil Raceway.

 CLICK HERE for their web site..
Slamology nor Lucas Oil Raceway is affiliated with this campground 

Q. Can I bring my mini scooter, motorized bar stool etc?

A.  No we do not allow these types of transportation at Slamology

Q.  Can I bring a Drone to Slamology?

A.  Slamology is located in a FAA NO Fly Zone so unfortunately no unauthorized drone traffic is permitted.

Q. How do I become a vendor or sponsor of Slamology?

A. CLICK HERE or call 317-856-1810

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