Slamology 2024 Trophy

This is Car Show Awards Only! For Audio Awards you must contact the Audio organization directly. If you are local there is a free local pickup option for you to choose at checkout.
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Please note! This is only for Car Show Awards.  For all Audio Awards you must contact the Organization directly for Award Shipping or pickup arrangements.


At Slamology, we celebrate the finest automotive creations and honor the remarkable achievements of car enthusiasts worldwide. If you were fortunate enough to receive an award at Slamology 2024, congratulations! We understand the significance of these accolades and want to ensure a seamless experience for you to collect your hard-earned recognition.

Our website offers convenient options for both award pickup and shipping services, providing you with flexibility and ease. Whether you're located near the event venue or thousands of miles away, we've got you covered.

For those who prefer to pick up their Slamology 2024 award in person, our Indianapolis pickup service is designed to make the process effortless. Simply browse through and pick your name from the list of awards not received. After you confirm your name please give us a call at 317-856-1810 and schedule a time to come by our offices. Our friendly staff will be ready to assist you and ensure a smooth handover of your prestigious award.

If you're unable to pick up at our offices and find it more convenient to have your award shipped directly to your doorstep, our shipping service is the perfect solution. With a few clicks on our user-friendly website, you can provide us with your shipping details, including the address and any specific instructions. Our dedicated shipping team will handle the careful packaging of your award and select the most reliable and secure shipping methods to ensure its safe delivery to you.

We understand the value and sentimental attachment associated with these awards, which is why we take extra care to protect them during transit. Rest assured that your Slamology 2024 award will be professionally handled and packaged to safeguard it from any potential damage.

Experience a hassle-free pickup or have your award delivered right to your doorstep, and relish in the recognition of your outstanding contribution to the automotive world.

At Slamology, we're committed to celebrating excellence and making your experience unforgettable. Order your award pickup or shipping service now and take the first step towards cherishing your Slamology 2024 achievement for a lifetime!