Tattoo Contest

Unleash the Ink: Slamology Tattoo Artwork Contest Presented by Steel Rod Tattoo at Lucas Oil Raceway

Sign Up is All Day Saturday June 8 and Sunday June 9 until 2pm


Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of extraordinary tattoo artistry at the Slamology Tattoo Artwork Contest presented by Steel Rod Tattoo. Taking place on June 8-9, 2024, With Sign up all day Saturday June 8 and Contest at 2pm on Sunday June 9 at the renowned Lucas Oil Raceway, this exciting event invites tattoo enthusiasts to showcase their remarkable ink creations and compete against fellow participants in a variety of captivating classes. From awe-inspiring sleeves to stunning masterpieces, the Slamology Tattoo Artwork Contest promises a weekend of exceptional talent and unparalleled artistic expression. 

An Array of Competition Classes: The Slamology Tattoo Artwork Contest offers a diverse range of competition classes, providing participants with the opportunity to display their skills and craftsmanship. Whether you're an established tattoo artist or an up-and-coming talent, this contest invites you to compete in the following captivating classes:

  1. Best Arm: Prepare to be amazed as participants present their most striking and innovative arm tattoos. From intricate designs to bold compositions, this class celebrates the creativity and skill displayed on the arm canvas.

  2. Best Leg: Witness the leg into a magnificent work of art. Participants will showcase their mastery of design and technique, captivating tattoos that make a lasting impression.

  3. Best Torso: The torso becomes a canvas for extraordinary artistic expression. Participants will showcase their artist creativity, with visually captivating designs that accentuate and celebrate the unique contours of the body.

  4. Large Black n Grey: This class focuses on the mesmerizing world of black and grey tattoos on a larger scale. Participants will demonstrate their artist use of proficiency in shading, contrast, and depth, captivating monochromatic artworks.

  5. Small Black n Grey: Precision and attention to detail shine in this class, where participants showcase their artist skills in displaying intricate and stunning black and grey tattoos on a smaller canvas.

  6. Large Color: Prepare to be dazzled by an explosion of vibrant hues and mesmerizing color palettes. Participants will showcase their artist ability to make it appear like creations come to life using a wide range of colors, resulting in breathtaking large-scale color tattoos.

  7. Small Color: Even on a smaller canvas, participants will demonstrate their artist command of color, displaying captivating and eye-catching smaller color tattoos.

  8. Best Gear Head: Celebrating the fusion of tattoo art and automotive culture, this class invites participants to showcase their creativity by incorporating gears, engines, and other automotive elements into their artist designs. It's a chance to showcase your unique vision and pay homage to the exciting world of mechanics.

  9. Best Apprentice Tattoo: The future stars of tattoo artistry take the spotlight in this class. Talented apprentices will have the opportunity to display their passion, growth, and unique artistic styles, offering a glimpse into the promising future of the industry.

  10. Best of Show: The highly anticipated "Best of Show" class brings together the winners from each category to compete for the ultimate recognition. Participants will present their most exceptional and awe-inspiring tattoos, representing the pinnacle of artistic achievement and craftsmanship.

  11. Best Traditional: Paying homage to the roots of tattooing, this class celebrates the timeless art form of traditional designs. Participants will showcase their ability to display bold and iconic tattoos, embodying the rich heritage and techniques that have shaped the industry.

  12. Black and Grey Portrait: Witness the mastery of realism and portraiture as participants showcase breathtaking black and grey portraits. These exceptional tattoos capture the essence and likeness of their subjects, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

  13. Color Portrait: Experience the magic of color as participants display a breath of life into their portrait tattoos. Through vibrant array of pigments and meticulous attention to detail, participants will display stunning and vivid representations that capture the spirit and personality of their subjects.

  14. Piercing: The Piercing Contest at Slamology is a thrilling showcase of creativity, skill, and artistry. Participants from across the globe come together to demonstrate their mastery of the craft, pushing the boundaries of piercing design and technique. From intricate facial piercings to elaborate body modifications, each entry is a testament to the individual's unique vision and expertise. Judges and spectators alike are mesmerized by the stunning displays of innovation and precision, making the Piercing Contest a highlight of Slamology's celebration of body art and culture.
  15. The Rick Hanson Memorial Award: The Slamology Tattoo City Underground Artwork Contest holds a special place in its heart for the late founder of Steel Rod Tattoo, Rick Hanson. To honor his memory and the lasting impact he made on the tattoo community, a special award has been dedicated to him. The Rick Hanson Memorial Award recognizes the participant who best exemplifies the passion, dedication, and artistic vision that Rick embodied. This prestigious award pays tribute to his contributions and serves as a reminder of his enduring legacy.

Join us as we come together at Lucas Oil Raceway for the Slamology Tattoo Artwork Contest presented by Steel Rod Tattoo. This highly anticipated event promises a weekend filled with extraordinary talent and exceptional artwork. From mesmerizing arm and leg tattoos to captivating portraits and traditional designs, participants will compete in various classes, showcasing their artist creativity, skill, and passion.

Not only is the Slamology Tattoo Artwork Contest a celebration of the tattoo community, but it also pays homage to the late Rick Hanson, the visionary founder of Steel Rod Tattoo and Tattoo City Underground Contest. His memory lives on through the Rick Hanson Memorial Award, which recognizes the artist who embodies the spirit and artistry that Rick held dear.

Don't miss the opportunity to view the incredible ink creations, cheer on the participants, and experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Slamology Tattoo Artwork Contest. Prepare to be inspired, amazed, and captivated by the extraordinary body art on display. We look forward to seeing you at Lucas Oil Raceway for this unforgettable celebration of tattoo artistry.

*** PLEASE NOTE  ENTRY FEE OF $10.00 AT Tattoo City Underground Tent***
Located Next to the Main Stage
Sign Up is All Day Saturday June 8 and Sunday June 9 until 2pm
Contest Starts at 2pm Sunday June 9, 2024

For more information on the Tattoo City Underground Contest
contact Steel Rod Tattoo at 317-297-8335

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