2 Step / Exhaust / Rev Competition


 Get ready to witness an exhilarating display of automotive power and crowd engagement at Slamology 2024! On Saturday, June 8, at 2pm, in front of the main grandstands, the Tuners Society presents a thrilling 2-Step/Exhaust Battle. What sets this competition apart is that the winner will be determined by the crowd's enthusiastic cheering. With a grand prize of $250 and an intriguing mystery prize for the runner-up, this showdown promises to be an adrenaline-fueled extravaganza like no other.

A Unique Judging System: The 2-Step/Exhaust Battle at Slamology 2024 will shake things up by using an unconventional yet exciting judging system. Instead of relying on a panel of judges, the victor will be determined by the power of crowd participation. Spectators will have the opportunity to show their support for their favorite participant by cheering loudly and passionately.

Participants: Automotive enthusiasts from all walks of life will converge at Slamology 2024 to showcase their meticulously modified vehicles. The competition attracts a diverse range of contenders, including import tuners, muscle car aficionados, and those who simply appreciate the symphony of raw power and thunderous exhaust notes. Each participant will bring their own unique style and modifications to captivate the crowd.

The Showdown Begins: As the clock strikes 2pm, the grandstands are filled with an air of anticipation and excitement. Participants line up in front of the main grandstands, ready to unleash the full might of their machines. The engines roar to life, filling the air with a symphony of growls, pops, and crackles. The atmosphere is electrifying as the competitors prepare to wow the crowd with their exhaust prowess.

The Power of Crowd Engagement: The crowd becomes an integral part of the competition, acting as both spectators and judges. As each participant takes their turn to rev their engines, the crowd's cheers and applause become the deciding factor in determining the winner. The louder and more passionate the cheering, the greater the chance of securing victory. This unique judging system adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the event, ensuring a truly engaging experience for everyone involved.

The Battle Intensifies: With the power in the hands of the crowd, participants go all out to captivate the audience. They skillfully maneuver their vehicles, revving the engines and utilizing the 2-step ignition system to produce an awe-inspiring display of exhaust notes. Flames shoot from tailpipes, turbo whistles fill the air, and backfires echo through the grounds, leaving spectators in awe.

The Winner and Runner-Up Prizes: As the showdown comes to a close, the crowd's cheering reaches a crescendo. The participant who garners the most spirited and enthusiastic support is crowned the winner of the 2-Step/Exhaust Battle, earning the coveted grand prize of $250. The runner-up, too, receives a special mystery prize, adding an element of surprise and delight to their achievement.

How to Sign Up:  Participants who are eager to showcase their vehicles and compete in the 2-Step/Exhaust Battle can sign up at the Tuners Society Vendor booth space. The booth is conveniently located on the vendor row of the car show side of Slamology. Registration will be open until 1pm on the day of the event, allowing enthusiasts ample time to secure their spot in this thrilling competition. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of this adrenaline-fueled showdown. Visit the Tuners Society Vendor booth and sign up today to claim your spot in the 2-Step/Exhaust Battle at Slamology 2024!