Event Rules

Spectator Gate Policy



At Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park, our main goal is to provide you with a safe and enjoyable day at our track. Please take a minute to read over spectator gate policies so you can prepare in advance for what is permitted and prohibited.

 Individuals may leave the facility and return ONLY if they have their original ticket in-hand upon arrival with a hand stamp.

 Thank you for helping us to provide everyone with an enjoyable experience at Slamology!


The following items are allowed entry into Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park as long as they meet the standards stated below:

  • Coolers no larger than 14x14x14
  • Binoculars, scanners, headsets, and cameras
  • Seat cushions and seat backs
  • Strollers are permitted through the gates but not allowed in the grandstand areas.
  • All items brought through the gates are subject to be searched.


The following may NOT enter the admission gates or be left in or around the gate area:

  • Firearms, fireworks, sharp objects or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • No alcohol or drugs (unless prescribed by a medical physician and medically necessary).
  • No bicycles, scooters, skateboards, or personal golf carts.
  • No glass containers, folding chairs, coolers larger than 14x14x14
  • No pets (unless registered aide dog)
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited and enforced in all spectator seating areas.
  • Lewd behavior and language will not be tolerated




General Rules for Slamology registrants and all other attendees:

There are no drugs, glass containers, firearms or other weapons, fireworks, drones, laser pointers, outside alcohol, large flags or flag poles, pets, mini bikes, motorized bar stools or the like permitted  at Slamology on  Lucas Oil IRP property.


All golf carts on property must be custom, registered into vehicle competition and carry full coverage insurance.   


Upon entry, all entrants, registrants, volunteers, subcontracted staff, and sponsor personnel will be required to sign a Release and Waiver of Liability Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement. The Waiver of Liability, which shall be signed onsite in the presence of a witness, is intended to be the primary Release, and the language contained below will supplement the Waiver of Liability.

Entrants, registrants, volunteers, subcontracted staff, and sponsor personnel: by signing this document do hereby release and discharge the State of Indiana, Gauge Magazine, the Slamology event organizers, TruckShow.Org LLC, Lucas Oil IRP, and the officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, servants, volunteers, and sponsors of these entities, and anyone else connected with judgments, and / or claims from any causes whatsoever that may be suffered by an entrant or participant to his or her person or property at this event. Throughout this document, “Slamology” will be referring to the Slamology event staff, Truckshow.org LLC, Gauge Magazine, and the volunteers and representatives of the event staff. Slamology reserves the right to evict any entrants, including spectators or vehicle participants, whose behavior is deemed objectionable for any reason in Slamology discretion, including but not limited to, damage caused by the entrant, by his/her vehicle, entrant’s appearance, or that of his/her vehicle, or conduct considered unbecoming or not fitting to the show’s image. In the event of any eviction or restriction, Slamology is not liable to refund any entry fees except at its own discretion. In the event any damages are caused by entrant, Slamology will hold entrant liable and can assess an amount to reimburse for damages, and/or pursue legal action at its own discretion. By agreeing to this document, whether digitally or in person, entrant agrees and understands that Slamology is NOT responsible or liable for any injury, loss of articles, theft, or damage to person or property at the event. By agreeing to this release form, you agree that Slamology reserves the right to contact you based on the information you provide upon registration. You also agree that the owner and guests agree to permit Slamology or its assigns the use of their names and pictures of the entered vehicle for publicity, advertising and commercial purposes (including newspapers, magazine, radio, internet and television) before, during and after the event and hereby relinquish any rights whatsoever to any photos taken in connection with the event. As such, the owner and guests give permission to Slamology or its assigns to publish or sell or otherwise dispose of said photographs. All publicity and advertising rights are reversed by Slamology or its assigns. I agree that my vehicle is fully insured and licensed in my home state and if an accident were to occur, I am fully responsible for all damages and claims.